A Cyber Attack Happens Every 39 Seconds and 43% of Attacks Target Small Businesses


Former British Military Intelligence Officer Shares the Secret Underground World Of Hackers to protect yourself from the next attack that could wipe out your livelihood

Cyber Foundation Course

The Cyber Foundation Course


Only $44.97

 Just last year there were 16,555 known cyber attacks and 4 out of 5 small business owners reported malware has evaded their antivirus software. 

72% of malware attacks slipped past them like a thief walking past a sleeping guard and in most cases it was not recognized till 3 months later.

When a cyber attack happens to a small business owner, hackers rarely go to the trouble of using some sophisticated measure and bypass heavy duty firewalls as you see in the movies.

Instead, 92.2% of all attacks are simply malicious emails specifically designed on tricking users to open attachments. 

Because why work hard when some poor business owner or one of their employees just hands them the keys. 

The problem is that 3 out of 4 small businesses don’t have the resources to invest in an “iron clad” protected network that only the government and mega corporations have. 

And most don’t have the financial resources to even invest in IT personnel to look after their tech let alone monitor on a full time basis. 

In the past (as a small business owner) you were just “sh** out of luck”! 

You would have to go into work and pray everyday that one of your employees does not screw up and hand over the keys to your kingdom. 

There has not been a solution to this problem, till now…

Inside you will find an underground legion of super hackers that were trained by our governments and secret corporations to show you exactly where your vulnerabilities lie and how to protect yourself from the next attack. 

These are people you can’t just “hire” and if you did, it would cost you thousands of dollars just for one phone call.

However, because of my work with the British Military Intelligence and my former alliances they have agreed to pull open the curtain, this one time, to share with you: 

  • Where the biggest vulnerabilities inside your business remain so you can prevent a hacker targeting your business
  • What are the most common attacks that are happening in 2019 that you can spot so you can protect yourself
  • The #1 scam that has pulled millions from small businesses.
  • The attack that has killed 60% of business in the following six months once it’s successfully deployed
  • How to train your #1 vulnerability so you can rest easy while you are away or focusing on what you do best


When you arrive at your office tomorrow there will no longer be that deep gut wrenching feeling if “something” went wrong.

You can now stroll into work or even take that vacation you always wanted and not have to worry if your business will be in shambles when you get back. 

Your employees will know exactly what to do and prevent you from losing money or worse, your business overnight. 

Because after you have studied what I am going to show you, there will never be that little worry in the back of your mind and you will be able to rest easy knowing you are protected.

If an attack happens tomorrow (and you know you could have done something to prevent it) you would be kicking yourself as to why you didn’t invest in this sooner!

Right now, we are launching our beta program and you will be the very first to see this once Restricted information that is taught by the best in the industry.

We have former GCHQ analysts and operators who have built this course to show you step-by-step what you need to do to secure your business.

And if you were to hire them directly, it would cost you thousands of dollars for them to consult in your business. 

However, since we are testing this new model and I had them record the best of what they know, you can snag this timely information for only $44.97 (12 month access). 

It is absolutely outrageous to offer something this special, at this low price.

But our goal is to test this model and after we see this is working we will raise the price to $99.97.

All you need to do is click on the button below, enter your contact information, and payment details and you will have access to this training instantly. 

So pick this up now, before a cyber attack happens to you and get this one-time discounted price of $44.97.

Cyber Foundation Course

The Cyber Foundation Course


Only $44.97


The UK Government has stated that:

“despite greater awareness of cyber threats, most organisations and households across the UK have not “kept pace with the threat”, with attacks becoming more frequent and complex”.

It has identified the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) as a key target. 

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