The UK Government has said that:

“despite greater awareness of cyber threats, most organizations and households across the UK have not “kept pace with the threat”, with attacks becoming more frequent and complex”.

43% of all Cyber Attacks are aimed at Small Businesses 


Learn the basics of how to know to protect yourself, your family or your small business online

You can pay thousands of $ each year for a collage degree that is out of date WHEN YOU ARE BEING TAUGHT IT!:

You can take years in formal education “Formal education can make you a LIVING, self education can make you a FORTUNE!. 

“The more you LEARN the more you EARN!”.

Cashfloww Program  2.0

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SMMA 2.0

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The Knowledge Society Certification Program

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Ecommerce Blueprint

There’s a bunch of guys out there selling dropshipping courses. But honestly, that business model is pretty much dead. The real way to succeed is to build a real brand. Is this something you’d be interested in learning?

5 Minute Money Mentor

Basically, all the things schools failed to teach us to set us up for success in the modern world.! This is what is here in one place – and you can get started for $1 TRUE!

Credit Mentor

Hey how much do you know about raising your credit score? I realized how important credit is to your life. You need it for everything like buying a car, a house or even getting a job, and there’s some cool stuff you can do with good credit like free flights, free hotels and cashback. Is this something you’re interested in learning?


Phishing in all its guises is one of the most insidious and yet common ways you can be attacked at work and at home. Get this course and learn what to look for and avoid


Your kids may well know more about social media and online shopping than you do – but are they safe doing it? This course for you and your family and shows you the basics of online safety and it’s easy for you to do and learn together.


As a manager who’s team touches personal data, find out what you need to know under GDPR


Learn what you need to know if you work with personal data in your job or if you run your own small business